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Intellectual outputs

  • IO1: Holistic framework of socio-medical models for parents support
  • IO2: ECVET based MedVET support training curriculum
  • IO3: MedVET support Training programme and Assessment mechanism
  • IO4: Peer support portal
  • IO5: Mobile learning app
  • IO6: Interactive good practice guide

IO1: Holistic framework of socio-medical models for parents support

  • To analyse qualitative and quantitative data of the national policies and practices related to social and medical support of parents with newborns with disabilities and complex needs
  • To address all possible changes in policy and service provision in the field of parental support at the level of maternity ward
  • To describe the holistic approaches and the key elements used in the medical-social models in the partners countries
Report on holistic framework:

IO2:ECVET based MedVET support training curriculum

  • describing the learning content of the MedVET training support programme
  • blended learning approach and interactive methods such as ppts, videos, live books, images and graphics
  • theoretical part, practical guidance and supporting techniques as well as practical examples
  • ECVET principles and firmly established teaching methods and practices for evidence based learning
  • Bloom’s taxonomy as a framework for categorizing educational and learning goals and objectives

IO3: MedVET support Training programme and Assessment mechanism

  • evaluation of the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies
  • case based exam where the trainees should suggest the most appropriate and relevant alternative to the preassigned open case
  • face-to-face interview with a trainer and is supposed to be implemented after the completion of the training course by the respective trainee
  • embedding of the training programme in the existing educational programmes of the medical universities and colleges while some of the modules can be integrated in the so called parents’ schools classes

IO4: Peer support portal

  • to bring together the expertise and the experience of the gynaecologists, neonatologist, midwifes, nurses and carers and thus to establish virtual informal professional network for peer support and interaction among this medical professionals
  • serve as a virtual platform for exchange of good and bad practices, publishing of latest researches/articles and scientific reports in the field
  • the participants may also share news, ideas and achievements on a different topics such as: early support of families with newborns with disabilities and complex needs, alternative methods for early stimulation neonatal care, medical professionals burnout prevention, examples for boosting opportunities for neurodevelopment, for families to experience attachment, and to work through psychological issues which are impairing families relationship etc.

IO5: Mobile learning app

  • for Android and iOS
  • wizard style training approach with full access to virtual community
  • convenient and less time consuming way, without being necessary to leave their work place and thus to distract their work schedule
  • newest trends in presenting the learning content, especially with regards to the communication, interaction and support with parents of babies with congenital disabilities
android mobile app   ios mobile app

IO6: Interactive good practice guide

  • to collect a selected set of case studies driven by the real life experience of parents of babies with congenital disabilities or premature babies, as well as the medical professionals who despite the luck of specialised training have managed to find their own way to address the challenges in communication, interaction and support of such parents
  • the “Living Library methodology” which is truly ‘new’ and inventive, something that attracts widespread attention and makes genuine impact
  • minimum 2 cases/ “live” books which will be video taped and will be included in the Interactive good practice guide, taking into considerations all ethical standards

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Our LiveBooks:
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Our MedVET book (English, pdf) – download

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