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In order to choose the relevant Human Books, to

                                                                       make them available in the MedVET library, we
                                                                       made a small research: we had preliminary one-on-
                                                                       one interviews with potential volunteers, and we

                                                                       also organized focus groups with parents and
                                                                       medical professionals. We wanted to better

                                                                       understand which are the “blind spots” in the
                                                                       knowledge and understanding of medical
                                                                       professionals regarding the behaviour of parents

                                                                       who are expecting or have a newborn with special
                                                                       needs, their necessities, expectations and vice versa.

                                                                       During the analysis of the data, we identified what is
                                                                       general and repetitive in the expectations and
                                                                       experience of the participants. This way, we were

                                                                       able to define the profile of the most “problematic”
                                                                       participants and circumstances that impede the

                                                                       interaction between the parents and medical
                                                                       professionals and thus to choose the most useful
                                                                       “stories” about communication between them.

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