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In MedVET Project we also chose this next generation
     book types, to put in contact medical professionals and
     parents with babies with disabilities or at risks to develop

     disabilities. Real parents and medical professionals are on
     loan to readers, our trainees. Our Human Books are living

     learning resources, available at any time, from any
     browser or mobile device, for those who need to have
     access to them.

     Our aim, in creating this LiveBook Library, was:
     •     To support medical professionals in taking up the

           difficult position of “bad news messenger"” and to
           help them perform their mediation role between
           parents and their new-borns with special needs in the

           best way possible.
     •     To help parents to understand better and to accept

           their new life and family situation, as well as to
           improve the service they receive at the obstetrics,
           gynaecology and neonatology departments in

           hospitals and also at the follow-up clinics.

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