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Now the Human Library is a global movement,

                                                                          many policy makers, universities and NGOs use
                                                                          this tool to start a conversation, challenge
                                                                          stereotypes and eliminate prejudices through

                                                                          dialogue.  An example is the University of Sydney
                                                                          who adopted the concept, because: “Everyone

                                                                          has a story to share. The Living Library provides
                                                                          an opportunity for individuals to connect with
                                                                          people they may not normally have the occasion

                                                                          to speak to within their community, to better
                                                                          understand the life experiences of others, and to

                                                                          challenge their own assumptions, prejudices and
                                                                          stereotypes. It provides a safe environment and
                                                                          encourages active and engaging conversations so

                                                                          that people can develop a greater understanding
                                                                          of each other’s stories.”

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